Lili & Lola Shapes Game

Learn Shapes in Persian

Big Bad Boo Productions, Inc.


Learn the Shapes in Persian with Lili and Lola in this fun, colorful, exciting new game ideal for kids 3 and up.

The Lili & Lola Shapes Game is an educational game that allows you to learn to identify, draw, and say the name of the basic shapes in Persian. The game consists of two stages: shape rooms and shape puzzles. First, you choose either square, circle, triangle, or rectangle to be introduced to a room with the hidden shapes to be found

Second part is a shape puzzles that are made into a robot, fire truck, bird, and castle, which can be assembled by multiple shapes to create colorful and kid-friendly design of puzzles. It is colorful, stimulating, and fun, with great music, and lots to learn. The game features our fun characters Lili and Lola, two smart sisters from the Lili and Lola TV series, who are there to guide you through tracing each whole Alphabet Letter.

Colorful images, great music, educational audio and lots of fun to play for any kid or adult who is trying to learn the basic shapes in Persian.


- Immerse yourself in fun, educational games and learn the basic shapes: square, circle, triangle, and rectangle in speaking, hearing and writing in Persian.

- Complete each shape activities to move on to the next stage of shape puzzles of robot, fire truck, bird, and castle.

- Practice the shapes as many times as you want by pressing the replay button.

- Restart the whole Persian shapes game any time.

- Cute animated video clip at the end of Lili, Lola, Mama, Papa and their cat Kensington rewards the player, if they are able to complete the whole grid table! What fun!

Stimulate conversation and co-play with multiple players taking turns. A great way to stay connected to Persian culture and heritage with Lili & Lola.

Brought to you by the characters of Lili & Lola, a preschool literacy show produced by Big Bad Boo Studios. Created by Shabnam Rezaei & Aly Jetha.

Playable on iPAD, iPAD MINI, iPHONE, iPOD TOUCH.

3 years and up

This product is in Persian.

Ratings and Reviews
Great starter game for young kids ...
Apr 6, 2018
Stimulate and entertain young kids with the matching shape games.
Basic shape learning in Persian
Apr 5, 2018
Value Reader
This game goes through for basic shapes and Persian like a circle triangle and rectangle and square. It has A couple of levels and then there’s a puzzle which we really enjoyed especially the firetruck and the robot. Thank you for making this game!
Shapes for kids in Farsi - LOVE
Apr 6, 2018
Why didn't someone do this earlier? I have 3 kids and they all love it. At first it took them a while to figure out what do and then once they figured it out it was so fun. The puzzles and music are great. I recommend this for any Farsi speaking child or if you are learning Farsi, even if you are an adult.