Lili & Lola The Quiz Show

Learn Persian Vocabulary

Big Bad Boo Productions, Inc.


The Lili & Lola Quiz Show in Persian aims to help kids learn and expand their Persian vocabulary. In the Quiz Show Game, the player is presented with a variety of images and Lili then says one word out loud. The player has to tap on the corresponding image that matches the word Lili just declared. Once you tap the correct image, you can move on the next. If you don’t get it right, you can try again. Celebrate your win at the end with Lili and her entire family, doing a song and dance just for you!

This is a multi-level game, with various levels of difficulty to help you learn Persian (Farsi) vocabulary. It is colorful, stimulating, and fun, with great music, and lots to learn.

Persian vocabulary words include “everyday objects”, “Haft seen items”, “The Seasons” and more. Brought to you by the characters of Lili & Lola, a preschool literacy show produced by Big Bad Boo Studios. Expand your Persian (Farsi) vocabulary with Lili and Lola in this fun, colorful, exciting new game ideal for kids 3 and up.


-Immerse yourself in fun, educational games and learn new Persian (Farsi) words with Lili!

-Tap, tap, tap your way to the right answer! Got it wrong? No worries, you can try again until you get it!

-Restart the whole Persian Quiz Show Game any time.

- Cute animated video clip at the end with Lili, Lola, Mama, Papa and their cat Kensington rewarding the player, if they are able to complete all vocabulary levels! What fun!

“Like the other Lili and Lola games, we found this one to be very engaging and educational. As we teach our two boys Sam and Sohrab (3 and 6) how to retain words in Persian, this game comes in handy with the everyday words.” -Shahnaz Moussavi, Persian Mom from Chicago

Stimulate conversation and co-play with multiple players taking turns. A great way to stay connected to Persian culture and heritage with Lili & Lola.

Brought to you by the characters of Lili & Lola, a preschool literacy show produced by Big Bad Boo Studios. Created by Shabnam Rezaei & Aly Jetha.

Playable on iPAD, iPAD MINI, iPHONE, iPOD TOUCH.

3 years and up

This product is in Persian.

Ratings and Reviews
Oct 20, 2015
Fun app which introduces a variety of Persian vocabulary to children through quizzes in different levels! Great for expanding young children's vocabulary!
Good vocab learning
Apr 5, 2018
Value Reader
I like this game in particular because that allows my kids to learn new words of different objects especially some of the harder words. The voice is very pleasant and the music is also pleasant. Thank you for making this game in Persian.
Nice every day words. I like it!
Apr 8, 2018
I like this game because the voice is very clear and the graphics are very cute. It seems to also have words related to house hold items and the seasons and also Persian New Year Nowruz or Norooz or Norouz. Great stuff. Best of all, its free.