Lili & Lola Numbers Game

Learn Numbers in Persian

Big Bad Boo Productions, Inc.


Learn the Persian (Farsi) Numbers with Lili and Lola in this fun, colorful, exciting new game ideal for kids 3 and up.

The Lili & Lola Learn the Persian Number game is an educational game that allows you to learn to count in Persian numbers from 1~20. Each number demonstrates an interactive element to assist the users to count cumulatively upto number 20. Individual numbers have simple activities that involve minimal finger movement for kids, such as tapping to finish a cupcake, tapping to water the plants, and dragging to pick up the toys. Pastel-toned colors and friendly characters are the attractive element of the game that will grab the attention of the users.

The game starts with the whole grid of number so that kids will also learn the order of the numbers as they make their way through the game. The game features our fun characters Lili and Lola, two smart sisters from the Lili and Lola TV series, who are there to guide you through tracing each whole Alphabet Letter.

Colorful images, great music, educational audio and lots of fun to play for any kid or adult who is trying to learn how to write the basic Persian numbers.


- Immerse yourself in fun, educational games and learn the Persian numbers in speaking, hearing and writing.

- Complete each number activities to move on to the next number.

- Practice the numbers as many times as you want and move through them by going home or by pressing the next number.

- Restart the whole Persian number table any time.

- Game focuses on counting with the users as each interactive motion plays the audio of the numbers in a cumulative order.

- Cute animated video clip at the end of Lili, Lola, Mama, Papa and their cat Kensington rewards the player, if they are able to complete the whole grid table! What fun!

Stimulate conversation and co-play with multiple players taking turns. A great way to stay connected to Persian culture and heritage with Lili & Lola.

Brought to you by the characters of Lili & Lola, a preschool literacy show produced by Big Bad Boo Studios. Created by Shabnam Rezaei & Aly Jetha.

Playable on iPAD, iPAD MINI, iPHONE, iPOD TOUCH.

3 years and up

This product is in Persian.

Ratings and Reviews
Making counting fun in Farsi!!
Apr 5, 2018
Really enjoyed watching my kids Play this game and learn to count numbers in Farsi. Some of the challenges were a little too difficult for my daughter but I’m sure when she gets older she will be able to do them. It’s a great game and I recommend it. Cute drawings and animation!!!
Finally Numbers in Farsi!
Apr 6, 2018
My kids speak Farsi so my family loves this app. We played it all together and my kids range in age frmo 2 - 9. The various games you play for each number are super fun. We love the colors and the designs and the song too.